Minutes: Shires League Meeting


Saturday, 23rd June 2018, 11am to 1pm

at National Badminton Centre, Bradwell Road, Loughton Lodge, Milton Keynes, MK8 9LA



1.  Welcome and apologies


Ian Rizzotto, League Secretary, Derek Batchelor, Badminton England, Graham Hall, Independent, Sally Weston, Berkshire, Chris Tonks, Berkshire, Raymond Ng, Berkshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Teak Liew, Buckinghamshire, Emily Stapley, Cheshire, Canny Lai, Cheshire, Paul Fonseca, Hampshire, John Stobo, Hertfordshire, Joseph Eluekunnel, Hertfordshire, Mike O’Keefe, Kent, Stuart Mo, Lancashire, Alan Cowperthwaite, Leicestershire, Suresh Mali, Leicestershire, Jason Wood, Lincolnshire, Lynn Wood, Lincolnshire, Robin Cooper, Norfolk, Sarah Thompson, Norfolk, Andrew Brierley, Nottinghamshire, Neil Franklin, Nottinghamshire, David Soanes, Oxfordshire, John Boyd, Oxfordshire, Edward Twigge, Staffordshire, Tony Lovatt, Staffordshire, Linda Sheppard, Suffolk, David Driver, Suffolk, Sue Driver, Suffolk, Alan Cunningham, Surrey, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Claire West, Sussex, Mark Bourne, Sussex, Owen West-Bourne, Sussex, Julie Lucas, Warwickshire, Dave Tomkins, Warwickshire, Dave Tomkins, Warwickshire, Steve Cosgrove, Worcestershire, Sarah Beckett, Worcestershire, John Ellis, Yorkshire



Ray Warren, Avon, Paul Adamson, Bedfordshire, Daniel Bates, Cambridgeshire, Cathryn Blick, Cornwall, Sue Jarvis, Devon, Roy Carder, Dorset, Alan Adkins, Essex, Jenny Chu, Essex, Eric Brown, Essex and BE, Adrian Morris, Gwent, Rajib Talukder, Middlesex, Richard Taylor, Northumberland


·         Thanks were given to Badminton England for their support but explained that for the foreseeable future, it was unlikely that BE would be able to help the Shires League financially in any way at all as BE’s budget was in deficit. Derek Batchelor further explained the situation.

·         IR thanked all those who attended today, and although every county was not represented, he felt the turnout was very good enabling some fixtures to be made at the end of the meeting.


2.  Appointment of League Secretary


·         There were no other nominations so Ian Rizzotto continues as League Secretary.

·         The League Secretary introduced Graham Hall, explaining that Graham had offered to take on the role of calculating the county seeding, collating the preferences form and planning the EXCEL fixtures grid. In addition Graham is also helping with seeking permission from every member who has their email addresses and telephone numbers displayed on the SL website, agreement to send regular updates and newsletters and with general maintenance of the SL website. Delegating and sharing the workload in this way has the positive advantage that the role of League Secretary is not too odious and other people learn the skills necessary to run the league.


3.  Appointment of Management and Ranking Committee


Management Committee


·         The following members of the committee agreed to stand for a further year; Mike Hedges of Avon and Jason Wood of Lincolnshire.

·         We need a new member of the committee from Derbyshire and a new member from Sussex to stand for 2018-19 season please.


Ranking Committee

The League Secretary requested volunteers for the ranking committee although any current members who wished to remain on the committee were most welcome. Please let me know if you wish to be removed AND if you would like to join the team please.

Members of the ranking committee are Eric Brown, Jason Wood, Mike Newlove, John Ellis, David Driver, Graham Hall


4.  Matters for discussion / voting



·         The League Secretary proposes the additional wording to clarify how the results of no-blame-cancellations are calculated, pointing out that if a county conceded a match, particular to a strong team, and if the “zero rubbers” result was not used in the calculation of the No-blame-cancellation, it made it an advantage to concede the match. As this would not be fair, the meeting agreed to additional text in the rule for clarification. Also, it was felt that no additional credit or benefit should be given to any team that concedes matches; let alone anything that might encourage such a policy.


·         The League Secretary proposes that no changes to the current rules are made when players who are not registered take part in a Shires League match. The meeting agreed that the current rules are adequate. However, a number of concerns and pointers were noted by Derek Batchelor about the shortcomings of the BE membership database, such as gender error and multiple membership numbers for one player.


·         The League Secretary proposes that no changes to the current rules when teams send in their team ranking forms late for the Shires League finals. The meeting agreed that the current rules are adequate. The League Secretary will incorporate this more clearly into the Shires League Final rules.


5.  A.O.B.


Following some discussion, it was clear that there was little or no agreement about this but there was considerable support to increase the maximum to a limit of 6 boys and 6 girls. 4 counties voted to keep the status quo and 12 counties voted to increase the maximum to 6 boys and 6 girls. The League Secretary will amend the rule as from 2019 finals onwards, (eg the forthcoming season and beyond.)



Following discussion it was clear that there was no support for the change. However, the League Secretary will make every effort to continue to sort dates for the finals as soon as possible, giving a short time for all counties to review the dates. The League Secretary will ensure the dates of the finals are set at least one year before the finals take place with the aim that no further changes are proposed.




6.  Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·      List of names, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager.

·      Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures by 30 09 18

·      For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 18.

·      Payment if not already done asap please.


7.  Date and venue of next meeting


Probably around end of June/beginning of July 2019.


8.  Fixtures


The last hour was given to making fixtures for the forthcoming season.