Agenda: Shires League Meeting


Saturday, 9th July 2016, 11am to 1pm

at National Badminton Centre, Bradwell Road, Loughton Lodge, Milton Keynes, MK8 9LA


1.  Welcome and apologies

Present at the meeting

Ian Rizzotto, League Secretary, Mark Downie, Badminton England, Eric Brown, Badminton England, Derek Batchelor, Badminton England, Paul Adamson, Bedfordshire, Sally Weston, Berkshire, Ruth Jefferies, Buckinghamshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Simone Mitchell, Buckinghamshire, Joanne Davies, Buckinghamshire, Teak Liew, Buckinghamshire, Richard Lines, Buckinghamshire, David Owen, Cambridgeshire, Sue Chan, Cheshire, Helen Gardner, Cheshire, Pam Rickerby, Derbyshire, Dave Rickerby, Derbyshire, Jenny Chu, Essex, Paul Jackson, Hampshire, Christine Adey, Hertfordshire, Mike O’Keeffe, Kent, Alan Cowperthwaite, Leicestershire, Laura Cowperthwaite, Leicestershire, , Lincolnshire, Jason Wood, Lincolnshire, Matt Asbrey, Northants, Maureen Lincoln, Norfolk, Louise Culyer, Norfolk, Mark Attewell, Nottinghamshire, Simon Mitchell, Oxfordshire, Ruth Lunt, Staffordshire, Steve Lunt, Staffordshire, Linda Sheppard, Suffolk, David Driver, Suffolk, Sue Driver, Suffolk, Alan Cunningham, Surrey, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Sue Herbert, Warwickshire, Steve Cosgrove, Worcestershire, John Ellis, Yorkshire



Debbie Lovatt, Cumbria, Sally Lado, Hampshire, Steve White, Lancashire, Claire West, Sussex, Jamie Sims, Wiltshire


2.  Appointment of League Secretary


The only nomination was Mr I Rizzotto


3.  Appointment of Management and Ranking Committee


A Management Committee consists of 4 members, plus a chairperson – the Secretary.


Jackie Cunningham, Surrey is willing to stand for a further year. As no reply has been forthcoming from the 3 other committee members, I have assumed they wish to stand down. Hence, the League Secretary asked for one nomination from each of the following counties; Avon, Lincolnshire and Norfolk for the remaining committee members (by 30/9/16 please.)


Ranking Committee

The League Secretary requested volunteers for the ranking committee although any current members who wished to remain on the committee were most welcome.

Members of the ranking committee are Eric Brown, Jason Wood, Louise Culyer, Mike Newlove, John Ellis, David Driver


4.  Matters for discussion / voting


Ø  The League Secretary proposes that we continue to allow the results of Shires League matches to be used in the grading of players and that this policy remains until a proposal is made to the contrary or the method used to grade players is (significantly) altered or amended.


After adding the work significantly to the proposal, it was unanimously agreed that we should accept the proposal.


Ø  Hertfordshire proposes that the Under 12 League adopts the scoring system used in the national championships at this age group, namely best of three games to 15 points, with extension to 21 points.


This was unanimously agreed by all members. Please note that entering the score on the BE website means that all scores will need to be validated. The system is set to accept best of 3 games to 21 points and any deviation from this requires each score to be validated by ticking the validation box to the right of the scores.


Ø  Steve Cosgrove asks, “Given how close the 2 leagues proposal failed to pass it might be worth raising again to discuss the reasons why some counties abstained / did not approve and see there is any merit in modifying the proposals, scheduling in another vote or declaring it dead.”


IR explained that visualising a new idea is not easy and many people were concerned about additional travelling. The U12 league this year gives an insight into how counties might be separated and how One-Day-Events may help to overcome travelling issues. Furthermore, the U12 league does not have a Play-Off to secure entry to the final. Thus enabling a better understanding of how the proposal may have worked in practice.

SC explained his reasons for making the proposal, including his concerns of teams being thrashed and of little benefit consequently to both sides.

EB asked us to review our reasons for having a Shires League and what the aims and objectives hope to achieve. He felt that a system based on the SCC would be better and would be willing to do some work to put together a proposal.

PJ said that much discussion had taken place, but they felt unable to “condemn” a squad to the lower league, knowing that this meant there was no chance of reaching the final.

JE explained his counties reasons for joining the league in the first place, but didn’t felt the SCC model would be best as relegation and promotion would not work in junior age groups. Whilst some of his second teams had been thoroughly beaten, his players had been thrilled for the occasion win and these players had made the most progress over the season.


There was no intention to vote at the meeting as this was only a discussion item. The original proposal is still on file and should there be sufficient interest in future for change.


5.  A.O.B.



IR explained whilst he hoped to continue as League Secretary for another 10 years, should the membership wish this, a general concern that plans should be in place for a replacement, whether due to retirement, illness, injury or sudden death. He explained that in an emergency situation Badminton England would take on the role in the short term, while a replacement from the membership was sought.


Furthermore, in order to make the post of League Secretary more attractive to prospective applicants, he felt the role of League Secretary should be limited in its roles and responsibilities. In the last few years the role of League Secretary has continually grown; entering the results of the Shires Matches, having 4 leagues rather than 3, etc. Whilst, Ian could have sorted out all the One-Day-Events for you all, organising the dates and booking the venues this would have added to the role.


It is very important to ensure that the role of League Secretary is manageable so anyone considering the post does not feel totally overwhelmed.


Having expressed these views, the meeting proposed to go one stage further than the League Secretary’s proposal in that all counties enter their own results this season, thus reducing the expected role of the League Secretary. This was also unanimously agreed by all members.


Please note that the Fixtures Secretaries are not expected to adopt this role either. Permission for entering results can be given to any number of volunteers in a county, including parents, players, team managers or committee members.


Entering the results will help to ensure that where Badminton England membership has lapsed (or never existed), the county will know and can chase up and rectify. It is recommended that the (FREE) mobile phone app is used to enter results, which can be used at the match live. This has many benefits, including minimising the delay of making the result public. Players are interested to know how other teams and players are doing, promoting the league and enthusiasm for the game.


Results should be entered within 2 weeks of playing the match and any issues regarding membership sorted in that time. Matches that take place within two weeks from the end of the season should be completed by the day after the last match. Any fixtures played in September, will not need to be entered before 16th October as the site will not be ready until that time. The League Secretary will lock the match after the 2 week period, so that any further amendments can only be undertaken by him; a fee may be charged for this service.



There was insufficient time to discuss this issue, but suggested that informal discussion could take place in the counties, with the aim of putting forward proposals at the AGM next year. The League Secretary commented that finals taking place on two days, could start on Saturday afternoon at about 2:30pm, ensuring that no-one needed to travel on the Friday evening. Such events do not have to be run by the League Secretary, although he is willing to run 2 day events for the next few years, should they be required.


6.  Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·      List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager.

·      Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures by 30 09 16

·      For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 16.

·      Payment if not already done asap please.


7.  Date and venue of next meeting


Probably around end of June/beginning of July 2017 at Badminton England MK


8.  Fixtures


The last hour of the meeting was devoted to making fixtures.


I was pleased to hear that some members had managed to make ALL of their fixtures for next season. This is only possible due to the good turnout for the meeting. Thank you.




Dear Colleagues,


I should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who managed to attend the Shires League AGM yesterday.


You will find a copy of the minutes attached.


The main findings are outlined below.


·         Avon, Lincolnshire and Norfolk must provide one Shires League Committee member each before 30/09/16 please.

·         I believe the following people are happy to stand on the ranking committee; Eric Brown, Jason Wood, Louise Culyer, Mike Newlove, John Ellis, David Driver. If you are interested in being involved please let me know.

·         All U12 league matches will be best of three games to 15 points (extended to 21 points). U14, U16 and U18 matches will be best of three games to 21 points (extended to 29 points)

·         All counties should recruit administration staff to enter the SL result on the Badminton England website. The membership agreed that this role should no longer be the responsibility of the League Secretary.


Please read the minutes for further details or contact the League Secretary on 01785 822624 to discuss any issues.




Ian Rizzotto