Shires County Championships Annual General Meeting


Saturday 27th June 2015, 11am to 1pm

at Harben House, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9EY


1.  Welcome and apologies

Present at the meeting

Ian Rizzotto, League Secretary, Mark Downie, Badminton England, Eric Brown, Badminton England, Derek Batchelor, Badminton England, Sally Weston, Berkshire, Ruth Jefferies, Buckinghamshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Simone Mitchell, Buckinghamshire, Andy Penver, Buckinghamshire, Joanne Davies, Buckinghamshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Julie Curtins, Buckinghamshire, Pat Reyes, Buckinghamshire, Teak Liew, Buckinghamshire, David Owen, Cambridgeshire, Andrew Taylor, Cheshire, Stuart Atkins, Derbyshire, Jenny chu, Essex, John Frisby, Hampshire, Christine Adey, Hertfordshire, Steve White, Lancashire, Chris Smith, Lancashire, Alan Cowperthwaite, Leicestershire, Laura Cowperthwaite, Leicestershire, Mandy Garnham, Lincolnshire, Jason Wood, Lincolnshire, John Boyd, Oxfordshire, Simon Mitchell, Oxfordshire, Linda Sheppard, Suffolk, David Driver, Suffolk, Alan Cunningham, Surrey, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Paul Harper, Warwickshire, , Steve Cosgrove, Worcestershire


2.    Apologies were received from


Ash De Silva, Buckinghamshire, Nathalie Taylor, Cheshire, Alison Pritchard, Gwent, Chris Pritchard, Gwent, Mike O’Keeffe, Kent Rajib Talukder, Middlesex, Louise Culyer, Norfolk, Maureen Lincoln, Norfolk, Trevor Davies, Suffolk, Sue Herbert, Warwickshire


Ian Rizzotto began the meeting by offering a vote of thanks to Badminton England for their support, both moral and financial; supplying shuttles and referees for the finals, arranging venue to hold AGM, including refreshments and buffet meal at the end of the meeting.


3.  Appointment of Shires County Championship Secretary


The only nomination was Mr Ian Rizzotto


4.  Appointment of Management Committee


A Management Committee consists of 4 members, plus a chairperson – the Secretary.


Trevor Davies, Suffolk, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Marie Mathers, Staffordshire were willing to stand for a further year. As James Fisk (Oxfordshire) has resigned, the League Secretary asked for a nomination from Worcestershire for the remaining committee member (by 30/9/15 please.)


The League Secretary requested volunteers for the ranking committee although any current members who wished to remain on the committee were most welcome. The League Secretary to confirm names on the ranking committee during the next month.


5.  Matters for discussion / voting


Ø  To formally accept Gwent as a member of the Shires League

Ø  To formally accept the proposal that all players who represent their county in a Shires League match will be registered with B.E. SL rules to be amended with guidelines for how this may be achieved.

Ø  After brief discussion the proposal that results of Shires League matches will be used as part of the B.E. Player Grading was unanimously agreed. As part of the agreement we will review the proposal at the AGM next June.

IR to discuss with Mark Downie re how a level doubles grading is used to grade mixed players.

The meeting will be asked to ratify this decision at the AGM in 2016, to ensure that the process has worked in the way it is hoped.

Ø  League Structure proposals

Andrew Taylor and Steve Cosgrove spoke about their ideas for a new League Structure. They both answered questions to clarify the proposals better.

Comments made include that the most common score in SL matches at present are 20-0 and 19-1 results although another speaker also made the point that they had lost a match 19-1, but most games were 21-18, 21-19 etc and it was a very close match. Eric Brown has offered to look at a sample of matches to see how matches are won in 2 sets, where the opposition gets less than 11 points on both occasions. It was felt that more participation with 2nd teams would take place with either of the two new proposals. Concerns were voiced about the supervision of U13 players in particular with overnight stops and that youngsters have many interests and hobbies and may not wish to give a whole weekend up for badminton.


Two counties, who were not present at the meeting, have sent in written comments not supporting either proposal and wishing retain the status quo with the League Format. At the meeting, there were concerns about some of the detail but the general consensus was in support of both proposals.


It was agreed to set up a working party consisting of Ian Rizzotto, Andrew Taylor, Steve Cosgrove and Mark Downie to work on the proposals.

Andrew and Steve have received a lot of positive and encouraging feedback. In light of this feedback they will review their proposals over the next few weeks. The working party will meet in about 4 weeks time to discuss their proposals. These proposals will be sent out to members for the start of September.


We hope all members will discuss the proposals at a suitable opportunity before December. Please discuss and vote on the general principal of each proposal and not every detail. You may email or telephone Steve or Andrew for clarification on any items in the proposal not fully understood.


In December, the intention is for each county to vote for one of the three proposals. If one of the proposals receives more than half the votes cast then that proposal will be accepted. If not, the proposal that receives the lowest votes will be discarded and you will be asked to vote again between the two that are left.


Once we have agreed on a League Format, we will then discuss any finer details that need discussing in January and February.


6.  A.O.B.


Ø  Sussex propose that where a county enters two teams at one age group that the first-team does NOT play the second-team.

Following brief discussion a vote was taken


·         Accept the proposal made by Sussex that 1st team never plays 2nd team – 2 votes.

·         1st team always plays 2nd team – no votes

·         At the discretion of League Secretary – 9 votes (including one postal vote)


Ø  Prompt arrival for matches and match confirmation

The League Secretary read out the concerns expressed by SL members. It became apparent that there was considerable overlap with both issues. The advice given is listed below:

·         The date, start time and venue should be sent to the League Secretary, who will display the match on the SL website.  (Note: the start time is when the match actually starts. Players should allow extra time for warm up and knock up.)

·         Check the details are correct on the website and inform the League Secretary asap if they are not accurate.

·         Two weeks before the match the home TM to contact the away TM to confirm details. Recommend you tell the opposition; time to arrive to knock up, time the match actually starts, how many courts you have and how long they are booked for, how many boys and girls to bring, what refreshments will be provided, any other relevant details

·         If you are expecting a phone call and don’t get one, the away team manager should ring instead to confirm the details.

·         If there is a problem at the match, TM’s should try to resolve the issue amicably, including taking in consideration those who maybe held up on the motorway in traffic etc.

·         If the team/player arrives 20 minutes later than the advertised match start time on the SL website, then the match may be claimed. The TM must record the time this decision is made. (IR to follow clarify rules by checking SCC rules.)

·         In the event of players arriving very late, the TM should record the time when players are ready to play. The League Secretary will need this information in the event of a dispute, particularly in cases where the match may not be completed in the time allowed.


7.  Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·         List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager, including U11 manager if required (friendly only.)

·         Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures by 30 09 14

·         For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 14

·         Payment if not already done asap please.

·         IR to email team managers with EXCEL score sheet and other items that may be necessary for their role.


8.  Date and venue of next meeting


Saturday, 25th June 2016 at same venue (tbc)


9.  Fixtures


The remainder of the session was given to making fixtures for the forthcoming season. Each county should make three home and three away fixtures.


Away fixtures should be a mixture of both shorter, medium and long distance journeys.