Agenda: Shires League Meeting


Saturday 26th June 2010, 11am to 1pm

at Harben House, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9EY


1.  Welcome and apologies

Health and Safety – Fire exit, toilets, refreshments


Derek Batchelor began the meeting by giving a tribute to Mr Mike Sertin of Badminton England. Mike died back in March. He will be sadly missed.


IR thanked BE for their support, both moral and financial; supplying shuttles for the final, arranging venue to hold AGM, including refreshments and buffet meal at the end.



Ian Rizzotto League Secretary, Josie Smith Schools & Youth Board, Malcolm Smith Schools & Youth Board, Eric Brown Badminton England, Derek Batchelor Badminton England, Paul Adamson, Bedfordshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Don Guilders, Buckinghamshire, Ruth Jefferies, Buckinghamshire, Sandra Dennis, Cambridgeshire, Janice Mairs, Cheshire, Sue Brealey Derbyshire, Helen Turrell, Essex, Kath Williams, Hampshire, Pat Walker, Hertfordshire, Phil Westwood, Hertfordshire, Angela Blower, Hertfordshire, Edward Strilesky, Kent, Steve Athans, Lancashire, Neil Tolman, Lancashire, Lea Sell, Leicestershire, Anna Gilkes, Leicestershire, Nick Taylor, Northants, Clive Westwood, Northants, Simon Piff, Norfolk, James Fisk, Oxfordshire, Steve Lunt, Staffordshire, David Driver, Suffolk, Lisa Jacobs, Suffolk, Trevor Davies, Suffolk, Yvonne Pears, Suffolk, Alan Cunningham, Surrey, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Kate Close, Warwickshire, Derinda Fullerton, Worcestershire, Dave Wetherill, Yorkshire, Helen Wetherill, Yorkshire



Paul Adcock, Nottinghamshire, Helen Bennett, Sussex, Debbie Lovatt, Cumbria, Julie Bliss, Dorset, Jeffrey Farrow, Berkshire, Richard Taylor, Northumberland.


2.  Appointment of League Secretary

There were no other nominations. Consequently, Mr I Rizzotto remains as League Secretary.


3.  Appointment of Management Committee


Management Committee

The meeting agreed to a slight change in the wording of the rules for selecting the Management Committee. The rule for selecting the Management Committee is now


A Management Committee consisting of 4 members shall be established at the AGM at the start of a new season. The purpose of the committee will be to make judgements on the interpretation of any of the Shires League rules in the event of a dispute. Any member of the committee who is directly involved with a dispute would be excluded from the discussions. Committee members would not be from the same county. The League Secretary would have the casting vote.


All counties, in rotation, put forward a person from their county for the management committee, for the minimum term of office of one year. One county from each of four regions around the country would be proposed. In the event that the current member wished to stand down, a different county from the region would be chosen, until all counties had been represented and then the cycle would begin again.


All four current members were willing to stand for another year.


4.  Matters for discussion / voting


·         Address from Eric Brown

o    Eric spoke about a number of issues which he thought the meeting would be interested to know about. These include:

o    Moving to the corner of the cell in the EXCEL diary spreadsheet enables you to tell whether tournaments are Saturday or Sunday etc.

o    Gold Tournaments. Two singles competitions; Gold Star (for the elite players) and Gold for the rest. Winners of the Gold to automatically move to Gold Star ranking.

o    Tournament Software – available to organisers. Please email Eric if you do not have access to this tool.

o    Courses for tournament organisers.

o    Performance centres

Pointing out the different officers that were present from BE, Eric offered their time to speak on an individual basis at the end of the meeting to anyone who wanted to make comments or discuss issues.


·         IR explained the new grouping system and the implications.


o    Certificates given at the end of the season to players who have represented the top 12 teams in the leagues, (not trophies). This is why there has been a reduction in the cost of membership this year.

o    Counties should play three home and three away matches, which include at least one of the longer distance away matches.


·         Dates of last matches,

o    U13 Shires League Finals Saturday 9th April 2011 (First time on a Saturday)

o    U13 Play off for positions 5th to 12th in the league Sunday 13th March 2011.

This date MUST be reserved by every U13 Shires League team in the event that you reach position 5th-12th in the league. If you are not available for the match on this date, then you will have to concede and lose your chance of going to the final.

o    Last date for U13 Shires League match Sunday 27th February 2011


o    U15 Shires League Finals will be held on Sunday 29th May 2011

o    U15 Play off for positions 5th to 12th in the league Sunday 15th May 2011.

o    This date MUST be reserved by every U15 Shires League team in the event that you reach position 5th-12th in the league. If you are not available for the match on this date, then you will have to concede and lose your chance of going to the final.

o    Last date for U15 Shires League match Sunday 1st May 2011


o    U17 Shires League Finals will be held on Sunday 1st May 2011

o    U17 Play off for positions 5th to 12th in the league Sunday 10th April 2011.

o    This date MUST be reserved by every U17 Shires League team in the event that you reach position 5th-12th in the league. If you are not available for the match on this date, then you will have to concede and lose your chance of going to the final.

o    Last date for U17 Shires League match Sunday 27th March 2011


·         Proposal regarding conceded matches.

The meeting agreed to review a number of options for how rubbers are awarded for conceded matches, giving the opportunity for all members to vote.


Such options include

o    Giving a 20-0 win as in the past.

o    Using a formula to work out the number of rubbers awarded eg 10 rubbers plus half the average rubbers won in other matches played.

o    Same as above but not giving any rubbers to team who conceded, eg match won 17-0

o    Using a formula that takes into account the rubbers won by both teams.

o    Estimating the result of the match on the basis of how the conceding team performed against other counties. And how the team having the match conceded to them, performed during the matches they have played in the season.


IR was asked to perform a “dummy run” on the data from this year, to see how it would impact on the results to help members make an informed choice. This will be done before September.


·         Shire League Final Draw

After discussion, it was agreed that at the start of each tournament, Shires League group positions 1st to 4th are to be placed in one hat and positions 5th to 8th are placed in a second hat. One position from each hat is drawn and those counties play one another in the first round.


·         Venue for Shires League Finals


The meeting agreed that at least one Shires League final should be played at Walsall University, from 2012 provided the facility came up to comparable standards and charges to Herts Sports Village. IR to report back with more information as necessary.


IR forgot to mention that the finals will start a little later in 2011 (10am rather than 9:15am) to reduce the need for some counties to stay overnight.


·         Grouping committee to look at new, improved or amended ways of sorting the Shires League groups.

Volunteers for grouping committee

Eric Brown(BE)

Alan & Jackie Cunningham(Sy)

Phil Westwood(He)

Helen Turrell(Ex)

David Driver(Sf)

Simon Piff(Nf)


Please put your name forward if you too want to be considered for the grouping committee.



5.  A.O.B.

·         No other items.


6.  Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·         Remittance by 30th September 2010. Invoices have been sent out.

·         List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager, including U11 manager if required (friendly only.)

·         For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 10


7.  Date and venue of next meeting

Saturday 25 06 2011. Venue to be decided later.


8.  Fixtures

The last hour is given to making fixtures for the forthcoming season.


The Shires Leagues wishes to thank the Staff at Harben House. We were very impressed with the facilities we were offered once more.