Agenda: Shires League Meeting


Saturday 27th June 2009, 11am to 1pm

at Harben House, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9EY


1.  Welcome and apologies

Ian Rizzotto(IR) welcomed Mr Mike Sertin of Badminton England(BE) to the meeting and took the opportunity to thank BE for both there moral and financial support.


IR congratulated Dorset on their successful application to join the Shires League.



Ian Rizzotto League Secretary, Mike Sertin Chair B. England, Josie Smith Schools & Youth Board, Malcolm Smith Schools & Youth Board, Eric Brown Schools & Youth Board, Derek Batchelor Badminton England, Gene Joyner, Avon, Paul Adamson, Bedfordshire, John Lau, Buckinghamshire, Rob Stanford, Buckinghamshire, Ruth Jefferies, Buckinghamshire, Sandra Dennis, Cambridgeshire, Karl Bergh, Cheshire, Jemma Jefferies, Cumbria, Lisa Ridley, Derbyshire, Sue Brealey, Derbyshire, Caroline Stewart, Durham, Helen Turrell, Essex, Alan Williams, Hampshire, Kath Williams, Hampshire, Tony Clarke, Hertfordshire, Pat Walker, Hertfordshire, Phil Westwood, Hertfordshire, Graham White, Kent, Steve Athans, Lancashire, Lea Sell, Leicestershire, Peter Hall, Leicestershire, Vanessa Stanton, Leicestershire, Peter Clarke, Lincolnshire, Mandy Garnham, Lincolnshire, Paul Adcock, Nottinghamshire, Roger Asbrey, Northants, Clive Westwood, Northants, Sonia Asbrey, Northants, Norma Bowen, Norfolk, Robin Cooper, Norfolk, Andre Minnis, Norfolk, James Fisk, Oxfordshire, Donna Taylor, Shropshire, Ray Sheldon, Shropshire, Steve Lunt, Staffordshire, David Driver, Suffolk, Lisa Jacobs, Suffolk, Trevor Davies, Suffolk, Yvonne Pears, Suffolk, Alan Cunningham, Surrey, Jackie Cunningham, Surrey, Kate Close, Warwickshire, Derinda Fullerton, Worcestershire, Dave Wetherill, Yorkshire, Helen Wetherill, Yorkshire




Michael Cain, Flintshire, Joanne Tinslay, Berkshire, Richard Taylor, Northumberland, Helen Bennett, Sussex, Don Gilders, Buckinghamshire, Graham White, Kent, David Dunlop, Lancashire, John Ibbotson, Yorkshire


2.  Appointment of League Secretary

There were no other nominations. Consequently, Mr I Rizzotto remains as League Secretary.


3.  Appointment of Management Committee


Management Committee

A Management Committee consists of 4 members, plus a chairperson – the League Secretary.


Note: This is taken from the Shires League Guidelines.

A Management Committee consisting of 4 members shall be established at the AGM at the start of a new season. The purpose of the committee will be to make judgements on the interpretation of any of the Shires League rules in the event of a dispute. Any member of the committee who is directly involved with a dispute would be excluded from the discussions. Committee members would not be from the same county. The League Secretary would have the casting vote.


All counties, in rotation, put forward a person from their county for the management committee, for the term of office of only one year. One county from each of the groups A, B, C and D would be proposed and the following year a different county from the groups would be chosen, until all counties had been represented and then the cycle would begin again.


Yorkshire to provide the Group A representative by 01 10 09 please

Group B representative Jackie Cunningham

Group C representative Phil Westwood

Group D representative Paul Adcock


4.  Matters for discussion / voting


·         County Eligibility of players – Eric Brown addressed the meeting, explaining that details of the proposals had been sent out earlier in the year. Following some positive feedback, amendments were made and a new proposal was formulated. This has also been circulated a few weeks ago. Eric offered to answer questions regarding the proposals and some clarification was sought. The new proposals were accepted by 25 votes to 1 and therefore will become part of our rules and guidelines.

·         Eric informed the meeting about the development of a National Club Competition, which should begin next year or if not the year after. National Club Competition is aimed at providing competition for players who would be on the fringe of junior county badminton for an average county. In order to ensure that clashes with county players do not happen, B.E. would allocate a different period in the Calendar for the different events.

·         Mike Sertin thanked the meeting for inviting him to the AGM. He was very pleased to be at the meeting to offer his support and encouragement. He was very grateful for all the hard work that everyone in the counties was doing and thanked IR for running the Shires League so efficiently. On behalf of BE, IR was given EBA award for services given over many years. I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted to receive such an award and thank you all for your support.


5.  A.O.B.


·         Discussion on the possibility of setting up a committee to look at the groups for 2010-2011.

IR explained how difficult it had been this year to sort out the groups, thanking Phil Westwood for his support and hard work in this area. Taking advice from Helen Turrell of Essex to set up a working party or panel to discuss and propose plans for forthcoming seasons, it was agreed to set up a panel of between 4 and 8 members, starting from about December 2009, whose role will be to look at the whole issue of grouping the counties, making proposals and seeking members views. IR to write to the members shortly with the details.


·         Groups for 2009-2010 and consideration of ability grouping for the future and format of Shires League Matches

After a short discussion, it was generally agreed that ability grouping of the counties had hardly any support. However, IR emphasised that the committee should look carefully at a variety of structures, group sizes and formats; it is important that members of the committee have an open mind and willing to work for the good of all members of the Shires League.


·         Shires League cancellation and postponement policy – see also rules 27 and 28

IR outlined and reminded the fixtures secretaries of some of the important features in our cancellation policy. Fixtures are not binding until 30 09 09, (unless the fixture is a very earlier fixture). No-one likes to change once they have made a fixture, but giving until this date, allows you time to check with venues, check with your committee and team managers and make sure holiday clashes do not happen.


IR asked the fixtures secretaries to remind the team managers that contact with the opposition should start about 2 weeks before the fixture. With the exception of bad weather etc, if cancellation does take place, it should be at least one week before the fixture. There have been some very poor excuses for cancellation, sometimes I am told the night before the match. Fixtures that are cancelled with less than 1 week’s notice, should pay for all financial losses. If you are unhappy with any reasons for the cancellation of a match, I should welcome a letter of complaint from you so that I can keep a file on the offenders.


·         IR thanked B.E once again for their support, both moral and financial; supplying shuttles for the final, arranging venue to hold AGM, including refreshments and buffet meal at the end.





6.  Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·         Remittance by 30th September 2009. Fees required displayed on website. Invoices have been sent out. This list will be removed early in October.

·         List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager, including U11 manager if required (friendly only.)

·         Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures.

·         For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 09


7.  Date and venue of next meeting

Saturday 26 June 2010 at 11:00am.

Hopefully, BE will continue to offer the financial support required in order for the SL to hold their AGM meeting at a centre close to the National Badminton Centre and on the same day as the BE AGM.


8.  Fixtures

The last hour is given to making fixtures for the forthcoming season.


The Shires Leagues wishes to thank the Staff at Harben House. We were very impressed with the facilities we were offered once more.