Agenda and minutes: Shires League Meeting.


Saturday 3rd September 2005 at Babington College, Leicester. 12 noon to 2pm


1.   Welcome and apologies


The league secretary thanked everyone for attending the meeting; their support is much appreciated.


Present: Ian Rizzotto (League Secretary), Linda Shepard Suffolk, Yvonne Pears Suffolk, Trevor Davies Suffolk, Judith Rowbothom Derbyshire, John Ellis Yorkshire, Nigel Hargreaves Yorkshire, Nigel Roberts Flintshire, James Baldwin Berkshire, David Dunlop Lancashire, Terry Gooding Warwickshire, Sonia Dixon Warwickshire, Sonia Asbrey Northants, Peter Clarke Lincolnshire, C Smith Lincolnshire, Marie & David Mathers Staffordshire, Paul Adcock Nottinghamshire, Tony Clarke Hertfordshire, Colin Walker Hertfordshire, Vanessa & Hayley Stanton Leicestershire, Eric Brown ACE, Rob Stanford Buckinghamshire, Simon Piff Norfolk, Ian Hird Buckinghamshire, Barbara Lincoln Bedfordshire


Apologies: Philip Jones, Kent, Lorraine Lancaster Middlesex, Tim Bircher Gloucestershire, Graham Ashdown Oxfordshire, Jan & Ian Clarke Sussex, Jackie Cunningham Surrey


·       Eric Brown explained his new role and position as Acting Chief Executive of Badminton England. The meeting congratulated him on his success.


2.   Matters for discussion


Management Committee

A Management Committee consists of 4 members, plus a chairperson – the League Secretary.


Graham Ashdown (Oxford) is no longer able to stand.

There were no nominations for vacant posts.

Paul Adcock and Ian Hird both agreed to continue in their present role. Colin Kent to be asked if he would continue in the role for this year at least.


There is a least one vacancy for the role this year.

The purpose of the management committee is to ratify that the Shires League Rules have been interpreted correctly by the Shires League Secretary. It is quite possible that during a season, they are never asked to adjudicate on any issues. However, in the two years the committee has been running, one item has been referred to them each year.


It was suggested that in a rotation, all counties put forward a person from their county for the management committee, for the term of office of only one year. One county from each of the groups A, B, C and D would be proposed and the following year a different county from the groups would be chosen, until all counties had been represented and then the cycle would begin again.


Therefore, I ask for the following counties to nominate representatives for this year; Cheshire for group A, Ian Hird of Buckinghamshire for group B, Paul Adcock of Notinghamshire for group C and Hampshire for group D.


Shires League Finals


It was agreed that:

“The winner of a group plays the runner up of another group. This is picked on the morning of the final in front of the officials, players and spectators. The winners of the first game are drawn to play one another at the end of the first round, likewise with the runners up. In third round, the winners of the second round will play one another, so that positions 1st to 8th can be decided.”

(15 in favour, no one against, one abstention.)


Cancelled League matches

It was agreed that:

When a county is unhappy about the late cancellation of a match, the lack of turnout of players or the failure of the home team to provide adequate playing facilities etc, then the League Secretary should be informed in writing.

In the event that justified complaints are made about the same county, the League Secretary will contact the Management Committee proposing a course of action. Although the decision of the management committee will be final, this action will NOT result in the expulsion of the county unless the vote is put to all members.

In coming to a decision, the Management Committee will consider the ICC cancellation rules.

When a match is cancelled, a telephone call must be made to confirm the cancellation, followed by letter, post or e-mail to confirm the discussion. A copy of the letter should also be sent to the League Secretary.

Counties should make right any financial losses resulting in the late cancellation of matches etc by mutual agreement if possible.

Further discussion will take place at the AGM in 2006.

(These decisions were agreed unanimously.)


3.   Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary


·       Remittance by 30th September 2005. Fees required displayed on website. Invoices have been sent out. This list will be removed early in October.

·       List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager, including U11 manager if required (friendly only.)

·       Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures.

·       Shires League Match Sheets were given out to all counties represented at the meeting except for U17 Suffolk.

·       For counties fielding a second team, first team nominations by 30 09 05


4.   Date and venue of next meeting

Eric Brown put forward a very strong case for moving the Shires League meeting to the Saturday 24th June 2006 (or shortly after that date) at Milton Keynes. The meeting agreed unanimously.


The meeting would give the opportunity to discuss rule changes, group organisation for forthcoming year, start fixtures and discuss issues with members of the ICC board.


5.   A.O.B.

·       Date of the Shires League Finals – recommendations.

Agreed dates were as below, provided that the hall was available.

U13 – Sun 28th May 2006

U15 – Sun 23rd April 2006

U17 – Sun 7th May 2006


·       Shropshire are unable to field a team at U15 age group.