Agenda and minutes: Shires League Meeting.


Saturday 4th September 2004 at Babington College, Leicester. 12 noon to 2pm.


1.     Welcome. The turnout for this years meeting was very good and hopefully we can move towards full representation over the course of the next year or so. Unfortunately, we were relegated to the sports hall for the meeting, due to caretaker failing to turn up.


Present: Ian Rizzotto (League Secretary), Simon Piff Norfolk(who particularly liked the chocolate cake!), Lorraine Lancaster Middlesex, Jane Healy Middlesex, Sonia Asbrey Northants, Carol Harvey Northants, Yvonne Pears Suffolk, Trevor Davies Suffolk, Barbara Lincoln Bedfordshire, Paul Adcock Nottinghamshire, David Dunlop Lancashire, Graham Ashdown Oxfordshire, John Ellis Yorkshire, Liz Doyle Warwickshire, Terry Gooding Warwickshire, Nigel Roberts Flintshire, Ian & Jan Clarke Sussex, Pat Walker Hertfordshire, Tony Clarke Hertfordshire, Rob Stanford Buckinghamshire, Odette Weir Derbyshire, Sue Hutt Lincolnshire, Nigel Priestley Cheshire, Ian Hird Buckinghamshire, Kathy & James Baldwin Berkshire, Vanessa Stanton Leicestershire, Colin Kent Leicestershire.


Apologies so far Philip Jones, Kent, Eric Brown, Derinda Fully, Worcestershire, Sue White and Marie Mathers, Staffordshire


2.     Matters for discussion


Management Committee

A Management Committee was established in 2003 AGM, consisting of 4 members, plus a chairperson –the League Secretary.


Nominations from the following four people were accepted. (No other nominations were put forward.)

Ian Hird(Bucks), Paul Adcock (Notts), Colin Kent(Leicestershire), Graham Ashdown (Oxford)


Rules for the second team

The meeting agreed to the following rules, although the wording of the second bullet point may still be altered if deemed necessary.


·       Counties entering a second team must nominate four boys and four girls who are solely first team players (in that age group). This means that they are NOT allowed under any circumstances to play in the second team for that age group for that season.

·       Should it be necessary, second team players are allowed to play one or two matches for the first team. If they play a third time for the first team, from then on they become solely a first team player (in that age group.)

·       The website is used to give a list of players who are solely used for the first team. No information on second teams will be displayed.

·       If counties enter a second team in a league (and are placed in the same group) they must play one another for the first match of the season.


Maximum number of counties

It was agreed that the maximum number of counties/teams permitted to join the Shires League should be limited to 32 for each age group, with a maximum of 8 teams in any one group.


New counties and second teams

Counties should be permitted to enter more than one team in the league provided that all the counties who wish to enter, including new counties have been given the opportunity to enter one team beforehand.


The meeting agreed to leave this proposal until it becomes a real issue. If that becomes the case the League Secretary will ask members to vote on a range of options.


U11 League

It is not clear whether the U11 league will run this year. However, it is clear that a number of counties definitely wish to play friendly matches at the U11 age group.


It was agreed that a list of counties interested in playing U11 matches, whether friendly, as a league or both would be displayed on the website.

The following counties expressed an interest in playing U11 friendly matches. Some of these members already have a contact name on the website.

Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire.


Those members wishing to take part at U11, whether friendly or as a league should supply the League Secretary with a contact name and address etc, for other members to contact and arrange fixtures.


Provided there is sufficient interest in a league, one would be started asap.


It is hoped to have a final for U11’s. It is intended to invite eight U11 teams to the final.


Shires League Finals

It was agreed to hold the Shires League finals at Babington College, Leicestershire in 2005 and 2006. Colin Kent will sort out three dates for the finals and book the sports hall. If possible, he will try to avoid a clash with ICT and endeavour to hold the U17 finals when it does not coincide with GCSE exams.


We agreed by a narrow margin to seed the second round of the finals. (Seeded nine votes. Drawn out of a hat seven votes.) Using the names of proposed players, Eric Brown is to be asked if he would seed the top four counties the night before the event. In the event of a team change, then the tournament referee will have the authority to alter the seeding on the day. (I intend to speak to Eric about the feasibility of this proposal.)


Correspondence by Internet and E-mail

It was agreed that the website has worked very well this year. The total number of hits exceeds 30000. During 2004-2005, an e-mail will be sent to all committee members, team managers etc when important information has been added to the website.


Date of next meeting

The Shires League is invited to hold the Shires League AGM at Milton Keynes in June 2005, the same date as the BAofE AGM etc.The members were not in favour of holding the meeting in June and would prefer it to be at the beginning of September.


3.     Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary.


·       Remittance by 30th September 2004. Fees required displayed on website. This list will be removed early in October.

·       List of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail address of each team manager, including U11 manager if required (friendly, league or both.)

·       Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures.


4.     Date, time and venue of next meeting of the next Shires League meeting will be on Saturday 3rd September 2005 at Babington College, Leicester. Please make a date in your diary.


5.     A.O.B.


6.     Can you please let me know the postcode of the sports centre(s) you use for fixtures. I will add this information on your maps. Using “AUTOROUTE” you can input your home postcode and destination and the programme will print out detailed directions to get to the venue.