Agenda and minutes: Shires League Meeting.


Saturday 6th September 2003 at Babington College, Leicester. 12 noon to 2pm.


1.        Welcome, introductions and apologies. Please share a few moments silence in respect of Kath Wood.


Apologies so far from Phil Davies (Norfolk), Brenda Hickson (Cheshire), Judi Clements (Avon), Graham Ashdown (Oxfordshire), Kevin Doorbar (Lincs), Cherry Hall (Berkshire)


Present: Ian Rizzotto (League Secretary), Colin Kent (Leicestershire), Ian Hird (Bucks), John Ellis (Yorkshire), Don & Odette Weir (Derbyshire), Yvonne Pears (Suffolk), Trevor Davies (Suffolk), Sonia Asbrey (Northants), Lorraine Lancaster (Middlesex), Alan & Margaret Hope (Worcestershire), Terry ? (Warwickshire), Steve Wainwight (Warwickshire), Paul Adcock (Notts), Helen Ward (Notts), Sue White (Staffs), Marie Mathers (Staffs), Kathy Jones (Sussex), Representative from Lancashire.


2.       Voting on the various proposals – these are listed below.


Proposal 5: Management committee

A Management Committee of the Shires League is established consisting of 3 members, possibly one from each age group plus a chairperson – eg the League Secretary.



Phil Davis(Norfolk), Ian Hird(Bucks), Sue Brown (Bucks), Paul Adcock (Notts), Colin Kent(Leicestershire)


The proposal was agreed, although we decided to have 4 members of the committee instead of 3. In the event of a dispute, any member of the committee who is directly involved with the dispute would be excluded from the discussions. Committee members would not be from the same county.


The following 4 people were chosen as committee members for this year.

Phil Davis(Norfolk), Ian Hird(Bucks), Paul Adcock (Notts), Colin Kent(Leicestershire)


Proposal 6: Play being continuous in a match.

The initial proposal was thrown out by the meeting and we agreed to the following


Play shall be continuous during the games of a match. However, between the 1st and 2nd game a break of up to 90 seconds is allowed while a break of up to 5 minutes will be allowed between the 2nd and 3rd games.


During the break between the 2nd and 3rd games coaching by one nominated person is permitted.


The coach must be nominated by the team manager at the start of the match between the counties.


We also agreed that all teams should have a nominated team manager.


Proposal 7: Matches not being completed in the allotted time.

Part 1: Minimum booking times

The home team is responsible for the booking of a suitable venue to hold the match. Where possible, 12 court hours should be booked for each 4x4 Shires League match. If 2 courts are booked, ideally 6 hours per court, and minimum 5 hours per court. If 3 courts are used, minimum 4 hours per court. If 4 courts are used, ideally book 4 courts for 2 hours followed by 2 courts for 2 hours; minimum 4 courts for 3 hours. If two SL matches take place at the same venue on the same day then 4 courts for 6 hours would be ideal, and 4 courts for 5 hours would be the minimum booking time. Where possible, counties should also make provisions in the event that a match does go on longer.

Carried 12-0


Part 2: Lack of time to complete match

If a match can’t be completed due to a lack of time and it is not possible to extend the booking, the team managers should agree to play the remaining matches one game to 21 points.

Carried 10-2


Part 3: The late arrival of players

If the late arrival of players is holding up the start of a match then the Team Managers should begin the match as normal with the players that are there, even if it means that some events are played out of order. It is advisable that the team managers record the times that the late players arrive and the reasons for their late arrival. If the match is not completed then a report may be sent to the League Secretary, who will in turn, discuss the issue with the Management Committee and make a judgement. The judgement will be based on the court time booked, the prompt arrival of players, organisation, unforeseen circumstances etc etc.


The judgement of the League Secretary (in conjunction with the Committee) will be final.

Carried 12-0,  1 Ab


Proposal 8: Amendment to rule 1.

Participating Counties may enter teams in any of the age groups at U13, U15 and U17 taken from 1st January of the current season, on payment of an annual fee. All member counties must also be affiliated to the BAofE.


Carried unanimously.


Proposal 9: Shires League Finals.


Option 1 – proposed by Ian Rizzotto, league secretary. Carried by 15 votes to 1 to 3

Option 2 - proposed by Ian Hird of Bucks.

Option 3 – idea proposed by John Ellis of Yorkshire.


A description of each option was read out during the meeting. Counties voted for each option that they would be happy to participate.


We agreed to hold the finals at Babington College, Leicestershire.

Colin Kent to sort out three dates for the finals and book hall.


Proposal 10: Reserved dates.

The secretary, in conjunction with the BAofE, reserves a number of dates throughout the season and earmarks them for Shires League matches or finals. Such dates to be made available by mid-July.


Not carried.


Proposal 11: Cost of finals.

Membership fees, to be split amongst all counties, to also include the cost of the finals.


The League Secretary explained that now that we had decided to use option 1 to hold the SL finals, the cost of the league without including the cost of the finals would be:-

Method 1

One age group

Two age groups

Three age groups

Membership to league





The cost including the finals would be

Method 2

One age group

Two age groups

Three age groups

Membership + finals





10 members were in favour of method 1, 1 member was in favour of method 2. There were also 3 abstentions.


It was agreed that next year we should consider that the League fees do partly cover the cost of finals. For example – the league fees to include the cost of trophies for the finals.


Proposal 12: Entry of second teams.

Counties should be allowed to enter more than one team in the league.


A short general discussion will be allowed, followed by a vote to decide whether this proposal should be discussed in further depth over the period of the next 12 months.


Carried 13-0. The meeting were in favour that discussion on the introduction of a second team should be considered. Please submit your proposals for consideration.


3.       Check on age groups playing this year.


Age groups were as shown on previous correspondence.


4.       Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary.

1.        Remittance by 30th September 2003.

For one age group £36, for two age groups £48, for three age groups £60.

2.       List of names, addresses and telephone numbers of each team manager. Each person’s e-mail address would also be an added bonus. All correspondence will be made by e-mail if possible.

3.       Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures.


5.       Date, time and venue of next meeting. Suggested Saturday 4th September 2004 at Babington College, Leicester.


6.       A.O.B.



7.       Fixtures.


Would fixtures secretaries please return lists to show the date of all fixtures, stating home or away.