Agenda and Minutes: Shires League Meeting.


Saturday 1st September 2001 at Holmcroft Community Centre, Stafford from 2pm – 4pm.


  1. Welcome and introductions.

Apologies from Jane Tyler (Lincs), Phil Davies(Norfolk), Maureen Ryde (Notts).


  1. Age groups playing this year.


  1. Reminder of things that fixtures secretaries need to give league secretary.

·        Remittance by 30th September 2001.

For one age group £32, for two age groups £43, for three age groups £54.

·        List of names, addresses and telephone numbers of each team manager. Each person’s e-mail address would also be an added bonus. All correspondence will be made by e-mail if possible.

·        Confirm the date, time, age group, and venue of all your Shires League fixtures.


  1. Discussion on new rule for Shires League Guidelines when a match is cancelled without blame on either side.

·        In the event of a cancellation where the secretary believes that neither side were to blame for the cancellation of the match, the mean average number of rubbers attained by each team will be calculated when all possible fixtures are completed. The team with the highest mean average will be the winner. The difference between the rubbers awarded will be equal to the difference in the mean averages.


·        So for example the mean average for Staffs U13 was 56 ¸ 6 = 9.33 and the mean average for Norfolk U13 was 48 ¸ 6 = 8. Therefore, Staffs is the winner and the difference in rubbers is 1.33. The nearest possible result with a difference of 1.33 rubbers meant that Staffs would win 11-9.


  1. Discussion of other rules such as rules 10 and 11

·        Each team should be seeded on singles ability and should play their singles matches according to this seeding.

·        The arrangement of the doubles partnerships need have no bearing on singles ability but any doubles pair selected must play both rubbers.  It is not allowed that A & B play one rubber while A & C play the other.


  1. Date, time and venue of next meeting. Suggested Saturday 31 August 2002.


  1. A.O.B.


  1. Fixtures.