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Possible swap of dates for U16 and U18 Finals

I have been asked to consider swapping the dates around for U16 and U18 Shires League Finals because GCSE exams begin Monday 15/05/17, the day after the planned day for the U18 final.

I have spoken to Anna Gilbert at Badminton England and the swap is possible. However, I wished to hear the views of the membership, including parents and players before embarking the swap.

Please forward this email to all your parents, players, committee members, team managers etc.

The current situation is outlined below.

  • U16 Final takes place on Sunday, 23/04/17; there are no clashes with other events, although there are U14 Ke and U14 Ch events on the Saturday, 22/04/17. The U17 Six Nations is also on the 23/04/17.
  • U18 Final takes place on Sunday, 14/05/17. There are no clashes, although the U16 Ke takes place on Saturday, 13/05/17

Both events take place at Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury. Hence, this is not an issue for a swap.


If the dates were to swap then

  • U18 Final would take place on Sunday, 23/04/17. There are no clashes apart from the U17 Six Nations on the 23/04/17.
  • U16 Final would take place on Sunday, 14/05/17, clashing with the U14 Essex Bronze. The U16 Ke and U14 La both take place on Saturday, 13/05/17.

Play-Off dates

If the dates were to swap, I suggest the U18 Play-Off is held on Sunday, 09/04/17. The only clash is the U19 European Championships. The U16 Play-Off to be held on Saturday, 29/04/17 so it does not clash with the U14 Play-Off on Sunday, 30/04/17

The venues are already booked and deposits paid. Therefore, other than making the swap outlined above, I will not entertain changing the dates in any other way.

I should welcome your view on swapping the dates, leaving them as they are or flexible enough to go with the majority decision. I should be grateful if the Fixtures Secretaries (or one other designated person) for each county would collate the votes from their county, forwarding the results to me by Sunday, 09/10/16 please.

Hence, if parents/players, team, managers and committee members etc would forward their opinion to the Fixtures Secretary for their county by Saturday 08/10/16. In turn, the Fixtures Secretary can inform me of the number of votes from their county for Swap/Remain/Flexible.


Ian Rizzotto (Shires League Secretary)