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Planning for next season

Dear Colleagues,

Many thanks for returning your votes for proposals A and B.

A. Complete the 2019-2020 season (giving no-blame cancellations where desired,) including the finals in the best form possible.

B. Start the 2020-2021 season as soon as practical using even age groups, on the understanding that a new vote for the Age Group will take place in April 2021

The results are shown in the table below.

 Proposal AProposal B
Northumberland Y
In favour2431

There is a clear majority in favour of both proposals A and B.

It is highly likely that a conclusion of last season will be taking place simultaneously with the commencement of the new season, including Play-Offs and Finals.

Action regarding proposal A – completion of last season

As soon as I believe the time is right and when there is clear evidence that competition badminton will resume, I shall make the necessary contacts to sort out dates for the finals and check on availability of halls and cancellation charges. At this time I shall advise whether remaining matches from last season might be played. There will certainly be the option of applying a “no-blame-cancellation” to any remaining matches (or even conceding them), although if time permits I hope that at least some of the outstanding matches will be played. It may be necessary to only invite the top 8 teams from the league to each final, in which case the Play-Off matches will be deemed void. If 12 court venues are not available to hold the final on the dates needed, then other options will be considered.

If any of the matches take place in January 2021, then the age eligibility of the players will be deemed as if we were playing the match in 2020.

I will seek a review this decision in the event that no county and competition badminton has not resumed by 1st February 2021.

Action regarding proposal B – commencement of new season

There is some concern on whether counties will still have players for the new season, so once training can resume, I shall set in motion the plans for next seasons league. This will be done when I believe the time is right.

In the process:-

  • Counties will complete an Application Form to record which age groups you would like to enter in the Shires League next season, including second teams. At this stage, your application is only a “Statement of Intention”; it is what your county wishes or hopes to take part in next season.
  • On receipt of your “Statement of Intention”, your decision will be displayed on a spread sheet, which will be downloaded to the Shires League Website, so we can all see what every county intends to enter. You may decide to change your mind about certain events at any stage up to and including the cut-off date. Perhaps there are not enough U12 teams in your area wishing to take part, hence your travelling will be excessive so you may withdraw your team. Or, maybe more teams enter at U20 than expected and you realise this is a viable option for yourself.
  • Once the “cut-off-date” has been reached your selection will become binding. At this stage you will be notified if any events are not viable. You will not be charged for an event that is not viable. You will sent invoices for payment.
  • In the next stage, you will receive a “County Preferences” sheet. You will be asked ONLY to choose your preferences from counties listed as taking part next season.
  • The League Secretary will sort out who plays who at each age group. Suggestions for One-Day-Fixtures may also be made. The League Secretary will rank teams who are taking part using information from previous seasons. The first draft will be sent out asap. You will have a chance to challenge the fixtures suggested for fairness.
  • A date will be set when “One-Day-Events” or “Neutral Venue” fixtures can be made and a later date when fixtures can be made in general.

If the season starts before 01/01/21, then please note that all players taking part must be of an age that makes them eligible from 01/01/21.

In general this means that for example an U12 player taking part in last seasons’ events will be U12 for the completion of last season. The same player will then be deemed as U13 for the new season and depending on ability may represent the U14 team in the new season.

The new season will start as soon as possible.

I will seek a review this decision in the event that no SL county badminton has not resumed by 1st February 2021.

Voting for 2021-2022 season

During April 2021, we shall carry out the Age Group vote.

  • You will decide whether we play odd or even age groups.
  • You will decide if the Shires League runs from September to July or January to October.

Please give me a ring on 01785 822624 if you wish to discuss any points here that you are not clear on.

I am going to plan a Zoom meeting shortly to discuss and answer SL related queries.

Many thanks

Ian Rizzotto