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Future of Shires League Badminton – letter to members 02/03/21

Many apologies for not being in touch sooner. I hope you are all keeping well at these most difficult of times and trying to remain optimistically positive for the future, in every aspect of your life including badminton.

Regretfully, my own health has taken a sudden nose-dive just before Christmas and the prognosis for the future does not look too appealing. I have waited until now before contacting you, so I could be more certain of my course of action. I have developed the condition, “Trigeminal Neuralgia”, which affects the right hand side of my face. When I have a flair-up, the pain is awful. I have found it difficult at times to eat, shave, smile, yawn, blow my nose, sneeze, move and even touch my face. During such episodes, it is very difficult to concentrate properly. There is some medication I can try; I’ve avoided this so far due to the severe side effects. There are treatments which can alleviate the problem, but at present the condition is not curable and although it is not life threatening, it is most definitely life changing.

Consequently, and with great regret, I feel it is only right to ask you all to accept my resignation from the role of Shires League Secretary. Hopefully, by letting you know now, I am hoping that a new candidate for the role can be found in time before the Shires League can start up again following the pandemic and the lockdowns.

The new candidate will have my full support. Subject to my condition, I will give as much help and advice as is needed to get started, including my opinion of what the role entails.

If you wish to put yourself forward for the role, please let me know by 31/03/2021.