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Confirmation of matches

In preparation for the Play-Offs and Finals, matches will be locked within one week of the fixture with effect 25/02/19.


Where names are missing, because membership has lapsed, the rubber result has been awarded to the opposition. There have been a number of changes of this nature made over the past few weeks.


If you wish to amend the fixture please ensure the player(s) are current paid up members of BE, then send by email the following requesting the confirmation is revoked so the result can be edited.

  • Age group
  • Name of both counties involved in match
  • Date of match
  • Copy of the score sheet


I will then let you know if a payment is necessary to make the amendment. I may allow 24 hours for you to do the amendment yourself.


There is a better chance of allowing changes now. As we approach the cut-off date for Play-offs and finals, I am less likely to allow changes to be made.


The date of a Play-Off can be mutually agreed between the two counties involved in the match. Do not organise any Play-Off until you have official confirmation from me who you are playing against. At the same time, I will give you a framework of dates that the match can be played and the date it MUST be played if you can’t come to a mutual agreement.