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Coronavirus update

With an ever changing situation, it is unclear for me to advise on our course of action but as it stands today I believe that:- ·         We should continue playing SL matches, including the play-offs and finals ·         We should not take part or spectate if we have any symptoms for which the government advice is to stay self-isolated ·         We should remind players to wash hands properly before and after every match, before eating any food or drink and after using the toilet etc. Likewise with spectators, team managers and coaches. ·         We should refrain from shaking hands at the end of the match, but use instead an agreed non-contact form of acknowledgement.   I think we might also consider ·         Reducing the number of spectators to a minimum ·         Asking spectators and players not to sit too close together (2m) apart ·         To use viewing galleries for the finals more often and when appropriate, to spread everyone out more ·         Not to share rackets, to bring your own food and drink, etc...

BE website ready to enter SL results

You will be pleased to hear that the SL fixtures for 2019-20 are now showing on the BE website.   The following link will give you access to the software https://be.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/admin/default.aspx?id=31E10F1B-05F6-4F9C-B2D5-65E06EB794D9   If your name is not on the list below and you wish to enter SL score sheets on the BE website you will need to send me your BE number and...

Fixtures for 2019-20 confirmed

Most fixtures for the 2019-20 season are now confirmed. Those listed as Pending in the Status column should be confirmed over the next few weeks.

Provisional fixtures for 2019-20 season

You may now find all the provisional fixtures which have been sent to me by 03/09/19 by clicking on the relevant age group tab. The fixtures are not binding UNLESS the word “Confirmed” has been written in the Status column.

Team photos from Shires League Finals

Click heading first and then link below to order your team photos from the Shires League Finals 2019 U12 age group ; U14 age group ; U16 age group ; U18 age group...