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Age groups for SL 2020-21

Hampshire and Derbyshire have asked me to add a fourth option to the list. I have used the proposal made by myself at the AGM last July as in essence it covers their recommendations. This option was either totally rejected at the AGM or received one vote. Click here...

Coronavirus update

With an ever changing situation, it is unclear for me to advise on our course of action but as it stands today I believe that:- ·         We should continue playing SL matches, including the play-offs and finals ·         We should not take part or spectate if we have...

BE website ready to enter SL results

You will be pleased to hear that the SL fixtures for 2019-20 are now showing on the BE website.   The following link will give you access to the software https://be.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/admin/default.aspx?id=31E10F1B-05F6-4F9C-B2D5-65E06EB794D9   If...

Fixtures for 2019-20 confirmed

Most fixtures for the 2019-20 season are now confirmed. Those listed as Pending in the Status column should be confirmed over the next few weeks.

Provisional fixtures for 2019-20 season

You may now find all the provisional fixtures which have been sent to me by 03/09/19 by clicking on the relevant age group tab. The fixtures are not binding UNLESS the word “Confirmed” has been written in the Status column.