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Age Groups for 2017-18. Each county to vote by 12th May 2017.

Please discuss within your county whether you would opt to run the Shires League next year at even or odd age groups.

I have listed some things to consider before deciding.


  • At the even age groups I will offer to run teams at U12, U14, U16 and U18 and possibly and U20. At the odd age groups I will offer to run team at U11, U13, U15, U17 , U19. and possibly U21. However, sufficient counties at each age group must take part to make each group viable. This season(2016-17) it has been viable to run all four “Even-age-groups” and hold a final for each group.
  • I believe BE are running ICT at U18 age group, but gold and silver events are at the odd age groups during the main part of the season.
  • If the SL run an “Odd-age-group” league then those players who are at the top of age group this year will be at the top of the age group next year also.
  • If the SL run an “Odd-age-group” league and the U19 group is not viable, current U17’s will miss out completely on their final year of SL badminton. However, if it is viable, it will extend SL badminton for players into school years 12 and 13. There have been requests to extend the league even further
  • If the SL run an “Odd-age-group” league during 2017-18 and then revert back to “Even-age-group” league the season after (2018-19), the top year may miss out during 2018-19.
  • If the SL run an “Even-age-group” league then there will be a new set of children at the top of the age group next season.

I can see advantages and dis-advantages with both options.

One person from each county should return the overall decision of EVEN or ODD for your county by 12th May 2017.

The person voting MUST give name, county and decision(ODD/EVEN), which will be published on the SL website.

Click here for voting so far