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1st/2nd Teams


First and second Team Records 2016 – 17

U14Cheshire     U14Lancashire     U14Surrey     U14Warwickshire     U14Yorkshire

U16Cheshire     U16Lancashire     U16Surrey     U16Warwickshire     U16Yorkshire

U18Cheshire     U18Devon     U18Lancashire    U18Surrey      U18Yorkshire

Rules for “second” teams

  •  Counties entering a second team must nominate at least four boys and four girls who are solely first team players (in that age group). This means that they are NOT allowed under any circumstances to play in the second team for that age group for that season.
  • Should it be necessary, second team players are allowed to play one or two matches for the first team. If they play a third time for the first team, from then on they become solely a first team player (in that age group.)
  • The website is used to give a list of players who are solely used for the first team.
  • If counties enter a second team in a league (and are placed in the same group) they must play one another for the first match of the season.

Team managers will be contacted when anyone new gets added to their first team list; the player having represented the first team on at least 3 occasions.