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Shires League 2016-2017

Please click the link <here> to see which counties are entering which teams next season. The last date to apply was 15/05/16. The teams are now confirmed.

Age Group changes – the result of the vote

Member counties have overwhelmingly decided to go with Even Age Groups for the Shires League. As our long term aim is to play even age groups for SL matches, this can be implemented immediately, as shown in the table below. You may notice that we will be offering a...

Proposals for changes to the League Structure for next season

If you are interesting in seeing the proposal for restructuring the Shires League next season please download the SL Structure Proposal here. We are hoping the proposals will be discussed at your next team managers meeting or alternatively a special meeting is...

Badminton England membership

In order that players matches qualify for the Shires League, players must be registered to Badminton England. Registration costs £4 for the season. A non-registered player may take part in a Shires League match, but the result will NOT count until the player...

Confirmed fixtures

All fixtures are now confirmed. If you wish to alter a fixture please refer the match cancellation policy here or go to downloads and obtain the file from that section.  ...

Fixtures for 2015-2016

Proposed dates for fixtures for next season are now visible on the website. Please note that these dates will not be confirmed until 1/10/15. Pending means that I am waiting for confirmation from one of the two counties involved in the match. Agreed means that both...

Contacts and making fixtures

You may now start the process of making your fixtures for next season.   The contact details have been updated.   If there are any errors please let me know.  

Preparing for the new season

Please ensure you have let the League Secretary know which age group(s) you would like to enter for 2015-16.   This needs to be done asap please.